The Art of Coping with Current Events: Civil Discourse & Creativity Workshop


A Punk Rock Kind of Year — Ink on Board by Danny Grosso

Whispers from the Moon is joined by artist Danny Grosso in this November offering, The Art of Coping with Current Events: Civil Discourse & Creativity Workshop.

One year has passed since the stunning election of 2016. Still, confusion, anxiety and outrage outpace the need for consensus. The times we live in are making people sick. Americans are bewildered and confused, some just plain afraid.  The 24-hour news cycle cavalcades with breaking alerts — sometimes, often times, with horrible news.  We are unused to this level of dread of disappointment, of stress affecting even our most mundane daily tasks.
The need for salve is evident, but clearly the ugly trend of conflict is unrelenting — a disruptive force that threatens our conceptions of family, friendship, and our very selves.  Nothing seems the same, and yet, among us, between us, art remains.
What is different now?  
What is the same?  
Where are the lessons that teach us how to deal with upheaval, distemper and national pain? 
How can art help you cope with the changing times?

During this workshop we will

  • Join a discussion of current events. 
  • Share our personal stories of how our political environment may be taking a toll on our mental and physical stability.  
  • Learn to use our own creativity and humor to calm, educate and transcend the downward pull on our pyches.
  • Turn back the outside world’s attempts to normalize, and therefore, corrupt our beautiful artistic souls.
  • Learn to distill negative partison conclusions about society and ourselves into something more universal, and hopefully, more positive.
  • Create our own piece of art as a remembrance of the times, and as a talisman of a hopeful future.

Join us in studio!

Saturday – November 11, 2017

10am – 1pm 

Register here! The Art of Coping with Current Events: Civil Discourse & Creativity Workshop.

This workshop will be facilitated by Danny Grosso, JD.


The Spring and the Fall (2017); oil, acrylic and house paint on wood.  @ Danny Grosso

Danny Grosso is an artist, writer and lawyer.  Among his first memories are vivid recollections of the upheavals in America, circa 1968.  Since then, he has used the arts as a tool to converse about current events and history.  He is stepping forward at this time, to offer his experience and talents as a template for others.  Chief among his artistic concerns are politics, current events and the effects those worlds have on the well-being of Americans as individuals.  He has been exhibiting his work since 1980 and continues to do so, most recently, via his blog  

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