When we “listen” to the subtle Whispers from the Moon – our own intuitive, divine self-awareness – inspiration and magic are the reward.

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Lisa Sorce, LCSW

Lisa Sorce, LCSW is a clinical psychotherapist, intuitive artist, consciousness teacher and award-winning dream artist who draws upon her personal process and professional training in a variety of mind/body/spirit modalities, indigenous ceremony, dream work and expressive arts. Her services are eclectic and holistic in approach. Lisa’s focus is spiritual with a deep emphasis on living with intentionality and awareness.

Although a practicing psychotherapist since 2002, Lisa’s service as a compassionate listener and an encouraging guide to others began decades prior. Finding herself in this role time and time again in both personal and professional arenas eventually led her to a vocation in which her passions and abilities could be expressed more fully. In 2005, Lisa founded Whispers from the Moon Studio just west of Chicago in the Oak Park Arts District. As owner and creative director of this soul seekers’ haven for more than 15 years, Lisa designed and facilitated over a thousand Art for the Heart & Soul classes, creativity workshops, women’s circles, dream groups and community events. These experiential offerings were steeped in magical, ancient traditions and concepts that became the bedrock of Lisa’s contributions in bringing transformation and beauty into the world. She is committed and passionate about inspiring others to do the same.

Lisa’s training and experience incorporate both traditional and non-traditional tools and ideologies. This weaving of Lisa’s natural abilities and clinical foundation with archetypal psychology and a discerning collection of universal, time-honored healing modalities offers an integrated path for those who seek her counsel. Operating from the belief that each person is unique and own best authority, Lisa acts as a personal witness and companion on the healing journey and sessions are tailored to meet each individual “where they are” in the gentlest, most supportive manner. In the safety of this therapeutic partnership, a deeper and fuller understanding of self develops.

Most sessions generally 60 minutes in length are meant to open a door to new life and offer awareness and, ultimately, freedom from stuck places and inherited/taught, imposed ideas and beliefs that are painful or no longer useful. In embracing wholeness by welcoming back forgotten/disowned/abandoned selves, healing can be realized and balance restored. In order to get lasting results, issues are addressed holistically – the mind (thoughts), the heart (emotions), and the body (instinct) need to work together. In addition to many traditional clinical tools, and depending on the needs and interests of the person, additional options offered during a session may include:

~ experiential mind, body and cross-cultural healing modalities
~ creative visualization and dream analysis practices
~ art and movement therapies
~ mindfulness and meditation exercises
~ excavation, telling and re-writing of life circumstances and stories
~ self/parts work (Voice Dialogue/Jungian therapies)

As Lisa acknowledged her 15th year in private practice in June 2019, she recognized that her dedication and hunger for heartfelt consciousness work, archetypal wisdom gathering, and soul-level connection to others remains strong and true. She is expanding her reach with the recent re-imagining of Whispers from the Moon and the launch of a new venture designed to bring intentionality and beauty more fully into the mainstream arena. Visit IntentionRags.com to learn more about her latest passion.
Inquiries, including scheduling individual consultations via Zoom, phone or in person appointments, Lisa can be reached via moonwhispers235@aol.com

Programs designed and facilitated by Lisa include:
  • Art for the Heart & Soul Classes (2005-present)
  • Dreaming Ourselves Awake (2012-present)
  • Into the Moon Monthly Women’s Medicine Circle (2005-2010)
  • The Art of Dreaming Monthly Women’s Medicine Circle (2010-2016)
  • Intention Doll Workshops (2003-present)
Programs designed and facilitated by Lisa in partnership with others include:
  • Complimentary Monthly Series: Reconnecting to the Woman Behind the Mother: A Journey Back to the Self (Jan-Dec 2009)
  • Workshops: Loving the Ugly, It’s in Our Hands, What’s My Style, Align or Collide, Art & Yoga
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Private Sessions

By appointment only

Private Counseling & Therapy Sessions 

In her private counseling and coaching practice, Lisa works with individuals, couples, and groups, drawing from a broad spectrum of ideologies. Her services are eclectic and holistic in approach, and her focus is spiritual with a deep emphasis on the mind/body/spirit connection. Clients embark on a journey toward harmony and balance – allowing living from an intuitive space where one is more conscious of choices, actions, and behaviors. Through deep listening, reflection, intuition, interpretation, and dialogue, the picture becomes richer and clearer allowing for self-acceptance and an opportunity to invite compassion into the process of change.

Finding the Studio

Whispers from the Moon is located at 7627 Lake Street, Suite 222, in River Forest. Street parking is available on Lake St. and Ashland Ave., and entrances are available on both streets.

Please note that Whispers from the Moon does not have a reception staff.  Therefore, it is asked that you wait until your exact appointment time to enter the room. There are chairs available around the corner.

Insurance Information

  • Whispers from the Moon is a Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO provider. If you have this particular insurance, Whispers from the Moon can bill you directly. You would just need to verify your benefits in advance and determine whether you have a copay or deductible. Only your copay would be due at time of service. Verification support can be provided if necessary.
  • Other carrier other than BC/BS? Full payment would be due at time of session ($140 for 60 minutes) and you will be given a receipt that you can then submit for reimbursement to your carrier. Contact Lisa for more information to see if you are covered.
  • If you are not insured and would need to pay out of pocket, Whispers from the Moon can often provide a sliding scale rate for those who make the commitment to coming for a series of sessions. Please do not hesitate to inquire as to how you can be accommodated.

Any other questions? Feel free to send a message! Whispers from the Moon is here to assist you at this time on your journey.

Contact Lisa for more information on Private Counseling & Therapy Sessions.


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7627 Lake Street, Suite 222 
River Forest, IL 60305


Contact Whispers from the Moon for more information

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