A Soulful Time of Year

As the old song goes, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year”. Come the end of November and into December, the energy shifts into something unique for the season. This often includes family and friend get-togethers, holiday traditions, and carols in the air. And yet, there’s also the potential for stress, the bombardment of lists, and the pressure to trudge into crowded malls. What if there was a different option?

In a world where we are inundated with “stuff”, how would it feel to give from a place of deeper intention and meaning? How could putting our hands in the crafting process change our relationship with the gifting tradition?

We are excited to offer a creative and serene space for you to come and stay connected.

Whispers from the Moon is Offering a Variety of Soulful Experiences this Holiday Season

Art for the Heart & Soul Classes 

Hand & Heart Holiday Crafting 

Winter Market

dg lake
Lake Theater, 2012 Watercolor by Danny Grosso

Open Studio – Hand & Heart Holiday Crafting

December 2nd & 3rd, 2017

The art pieces that you make will be one-of-a-kind expressions of your affection. These are holiday gifts you will be proud to give and people will love to receive. Customize your experience by picking the project – needle felted ornaments, woodland creatures, gnomes, holiday angels, wet felted soap bars, and serenity candles. This is an open studio experience and participants will work independently with some assistance from the facilitator. Doors will open at 9:45am and the Studio will close at 3pm both days. Register with a friend and make a day of it.


Private Art for the Heart & Soul and Holiday Crafting parties can be booked for groups of 5+ as a memory making friends / family experience. Send us an email to inquire more about these options.

Winter Market – December 2nd & 3rd, 2017 

Drop in during our Open Studio Weekend to shop or just hang out! Catch up with us in Studio and see what we’ve been up to lately. This Winter Market will be a refreshing #ShopSmall / #SupportLocal alternative this season. We will be offering Original Art & Prints, Hand-Crafted Treasures, Unique Jewelry, Organic Crafting Kits, Essential Oils, Flower Essence Sprays, and more! 

Acrylic on Paper 2017 by Danny Grosso

Come to our Escape Black Friday / Recover from Thanksgiving  Art for the Heart & Soul Class

Friday, November 24th – 10am to 12:45pm

Art for the Heart & Soul classes offer permission and opportunity to tap into joy and timelessness while playing with simple art materials. Watch your intuition and sense of peace grow as you step into the Creative Void. Whispers from the Moon Studio is a place to come and escape from the pressures of life and take care of your precious Heart & Soul.

Save the Date for Other Upcoming Offerings

The Art of Coping with Current Events – Saturday, December 9th, 10am – 1pm

2018 Intention Doll Workshop – Choose from two dates : Friday & Saturday December 29th & 30th, 2017, or January 19th & 20th, 2018.

Registration for these Offerings Opens After Thanksgiving 

Multimedia by Lisa Sorce

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The Art of Coping with Current Events: Civil Discourse & Creativity Workshop


A Punk Rock Kind of Year — Ink on Board by Danny Grosso

Whispers from the Moon is joined by artist Danny Grosso in this November offering, The Art of Coping with Current Events: Civil Discourse & Creativity Workshop.

One year has passed since the stunning election of 2016. Still, confusion, anxiety and outrage outpace the need for consensus. The times we live in are making people sick. Americans are bewildered and confused, some just plain afraid.  The 24-hour news cycle cavalcades with breaking alerts — sometimes, often times, with horrible news.  We are unused to this level of dread of disappointment, of stress affecting even our most mundane daily tasks.
The need for salve is evident, but clearly the ugly trend of conflict is unrelenting — a disruptive force that threatens our conceptions of family, friendship, and our very selves.  Nothing seems the same, and yet, among us, between us, art remains.
What is different now?  
What is the same?  
Where are the lessons that teach us how to deal with upheaval, distemper and national pain? 
How can art help you cope with the changing times?

During this workshop we will

  • Join a discussion of current events. 
  • Share our personal stories of how our political environment may be taking a toll on our mental and physical stability.  
  • Learn to use our own creativity and humor to calm, educate and transcend the downward pull on our pyches.
  • Turn back the outside world’s attempts to normalize, and therefore, corrupt our beautiful artistic souls.
  • Learn to distill negative partison conclusions about society and ourselves into something more universal, and hopefully, more positive.
  • Create our own piece of art as a remembrance of the times, and as a talisman of a hopeful future.

Join us in studio!

Saturday – November 11, 2017

10am – 1pm 

Register here! The Art of Coping with Current Events: Civil Discourse & Creativity Workshop.

This workshop will be facilitated by Danny Grosso, JD.


The Spring and the Fall (2017); oil, acrylic and house paint on wood.  @ Danny Grosso

Danny Grosso is an artist, writer and lawyer.  Among his first memories are vivid recollections of the upheavals in America, circa 1968.  Since then, he has used the arts as a tool to converse about current events and history.  He is stepping forward at this time, to offer his experience and talents as a template for others.  Chief among his artistic concerns are politics, current events and the effects those worlds have on the well-being of Americans as individuals.  He has been exhibiting his work since 1980 and continues to do so, most recently, via his blog artispoliticsisart.com.  

Honoring the Ancestors – A Dia de los Muertos Workshop


Whispers from the Moon is proud to offer a special Honoring the Ancestors – Dia de los Muertos Workshop

The reality of losing the significant people in our lives can be a heartbreaking, life-changing, traumatic experience. Finding inspiration from other cultures can be a balm for the healing process. The indigenous and spiritual Mexican holiday of Dia de los muertos celebrates the balance between grief and joy, mourning and celebration, life and death.

How would it feel to connect with our loved ones, our ancestors, through joy and celebration? This Honoring the Ancestors workshop intends to bring this connection and celebrate the life cycle through the cultural holiday Dia de los muertos.

Durning this workshop we will

  • Join in ancestral ceremony as we make a community ofrenda, or altar, to honor our ancestors through the Mexican tradition of Day of the Dead
  • Discuss the history and symbolism behind this ancient tradition
  • Create our own sugar skulls and Huichol yarn photo frames as a way to honor and connect with our loved ones and learn more about these indigenous art making traditions.

Whispers from the moon is offering 3 workshops to choose from this month.

Friday Night Adult Experience – October 27, 2017 – 6:30-9:30pm

Saturday Kid’s Experience Ages 8-11- October 28, 2017- 10am-1pm

Saturday Kid’s Experience Ages 12-16 – October 28, 2017 – 2:30pm-5:30pm 

Special co-faciliator Olivia DeMarco will join Lisa in the presentation of this workshop

Visit our Facebook page for more information.

Register here! Honoring the Ancestors Workshop




Olivia DeMarco is a heritage Spanish speaker, writer, and artist who specializes in Spanish literature and cultural art. Her essay Disolviendo la niebla: La metaficcion y el autodescubrimiento en San Manuel Bueno, martir has been published in the multidisciplinary journal, Investigations. She celebrates her Mexican culture through art and loves to share its history and beauty with others.